Best Foods for Your Dental Health

Best Foods for Your Dental Health

Preventative Dentistry Beauséjour, Manitoba


Sugars, starches, and carbs, beware! We’re educating patients on the dangers of eating foods that will likely lead to dental decay, and arming them with nutritious alternatives for maintaining oral health.

Leafy greens, of course!

Just as they’re good for overall health, leafy greens like chard, kale, and spinach are high in calcium, vitamin B, and other minerals that are great for oral health. Hide some in a smoothie, or opt for a leafy lunch salad side a few days a week.

Crunchy apples

Though they do have sugar, apples are naturally high in fiber and water! While sugars and carbs cause an onset of acid production in the mouth, apples increase saliva production and help to neutralize that acid until you can brush your teeth.

Carrots and celery

Like apples, the crunch of raw veggies are good for naturally scraping plaque from teeth. They’re also full of vitamins and minerals that are great for your overall health and well being.


Maybe you know that yogurt is high in protein and calcium, as are other dairy foods like milk and cheese; yogurt is also full of probiotics which can significantly improve the health of your gums! It’s best to choose a yogurt that is low or totally without added sugars to make sure it’s working to its max potential to help your oral health!

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