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Archive for September 2018

5 Most Common Oral Complaints

Oral Health Beausejour Manitoba All preventable and treatable!   Some of the most common mouth problems can be prevented with proper home care and regular checkups. And the good news is that they’re all treatable! 1–Bad Breath: Don’t blame strong foods. Poor oral health is the major cause of chronic halitosis, and it can be…

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Best Foods for Your Dental Health

Best Foods for Your Dental Health Preventative Dentistry Beauséjour, Manitoba   Sugars, starches, and carbs, beware! We’re educating patients on the dangers of eating foods that will likely lead to dental decay, and arming them with nutritious alternatives for maintaining oral health. Leafy greens, of course! Just as they’re good for overall health, leafy greens…

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Dental Consultations FAQ

General Dentistry Beauséjour, Manitoba    Dental consultations are one of the best ways you can understand the comprehensive care available to you at our Beauséjour, Manitoba dental office. A consultation with Beausejour Dental Centre will allow for time to address any concerns or issues you might have, as well as allow for Beausejour Dental Centre to discuss…

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Sports Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guards

Pediatric Dentistry Beauséjour, Manitoba   Shin guards, knee pads, maybe even a facemask and helmet – but have you considered the crucial importance of a mouth guard for your little athlete? One of the most common sports’ injuries is damaged teeth, but there’s a simple way to help prevent dental disasters out on the field…

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