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Archive for October 2018

Cold Weather and Tooth Sensitivity

Cold Weather and Tooth Sensitivity There are so many things to look forward to with the change of the season, but the effects of the cold weather on your teeth aren’t usually included in that list! Here’s a little overview of how your teeth can react to changes in the weather, as well as Beausejour…

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Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween How Sugar Affects Your Teeth Especially around Halloween time, people often forget all they know about dental hygiene in the face of sugary sweets. By stocking up on a few healthy snack alternatives, and remembering key tricks to keeping your mouth in top condition, you can face all of…

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No Tricks Here, Healthy Snacks = Healthy Teeth!

Healthy Snacks = Healthy Teeth Super fruit for super smiles! Especially during the month of tricks and treats, it can be difficult to choose healthy snacking options, that will leave your mouth healthy and your appetite fulfilled well after snack time. Beausejour Dental Centre’s recommendation? Fruit of course! Apples are high in fiber, and their…

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Work Performance and Oral Health

Work Performance and Oral Health Good oral health means more than just enjoying dinner time without fighting through the pain and suffering of cavities; good oral health means living a healthy daily life, being able to perform regular tasks efficiently, and excelling throughout regular activities, like work and play! Poor oral health can quickly and…

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Halloween and TMJ

Halloween and TMJ TMJ Beauséjour, Manitoba   As the holiday season slowly rolls into town this year, consider for a second how the changes in routine with all the excitement the holidays bring, also create changes in the problems or setbacks that could arise around living with your TMJ. Fortunately, Beausejour Dental Centre has a few…

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