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Holiday Time Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening Beausejour, MB

Have you been dreaming of a white holiday? Chances are, your teeth have been too! The holidays can easily creep up on your budget, making it hard to imagine indulging yourself on such a simple confidence booster this holiday season, but at the end of the day, it’s hard to put a price on the long-lasting benefits and cherished memories that a holiday teeth-whitening session with our Beausejour Dental Centre Dentists will inevitably help to create.

What better way to dive into the holiday season and the new year than with a smile the whole family will be excited about?! A holiday teeth-whitening session with the Dentists from Beausejour Dental Centre is a great way to get your smile ready for al the holiday photos and family gatherings you’re already so excited about. It can be unnerving and embarrassing to go into the holiday season with unsightly stains on your otherwise attractive and memorable smile, but with a quick, 45 - minute whitening session, your smile can leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons this season!

A shining white smile is something you can take with you long after the jingle bells fall quiet. To schedule your holiday teeth-whitening session with Beausejour Dental Centre call 204.268.1782 today!

Dental Implant FAQs

Dental Implants Beausejour Manitoba

Interested in implants? For years, dental implants have swept the nation as one of the most popular ways to cosmetically improve smiles, and your Beausejour Dental Dentists are ready to help you bridge the gap your mouth has been suffering!
As far as tooth-replacement systems go, dental implants have been regarded as the best option for replacing missing teeth, as they function the most similarly to natural teeth, and with proper care, can last a lifetime. The replacements have two parts- a part that functions as the anchoring root, as well as the cosmetic “tooth” that appears above the gumline. The “root” in this system, is the dental implant, and the “tooth” is called the crown.
Together, this root and tooth system, in combination with the practiced and skilled implant procedure perfected the Dentists at Beausejour Dental, your smile imperfections can become a thing of history, and your smile secrets can be tucked away behind your new, improved, and beautiful smile! 
You may be wondering what sets the implant system above and beyond other measures of tooth replacement; here’s the key: the titanium of which the implant is made has special properties that allow it to fuse with your natural jaw bone, creating lifetime functionality base for your new tooth.
If you’re ready to make the move to implants, or for more information about this life-changing process, call 204.268.1782to schedule an appointment with Beausejour Dental.

Traveling with TMJ

December 05, 2017 | Posted TMJ | Be the first one to comment.

Traveling with TMJ

TMJ Beausejour, MB

What’s the best way to take a relaxing vacation if you’re plagued by TMJ? It’s simple-- RELAX! Many people feel anxious over the thought of lugging their TMJ with them this holiday season, but the complexities surrounding TMJ that seem to be looming over travel time can easily be left at home! 

First of all, relax!

Stress can cause all-over tension for your body, and especially for your jaw and shoulders that may be afflicted by your TMJ. If you set your mind to “going with the flow” this vacation, you’ll be less- likely to over exert yourself worrying about plans, or sticking to schedules when you can be relaxing and enjoying yourself instead. Listen to what your body is telling you about your needs, and take care of yourself to avoid unnecessary stress or exhaustion.

Don’t forget your pillow!

Or your earplugs, for that matter. Your pillow will give your head and your neck some extra support on long road-trips or flights, and the relief from resting your head can help you to combat TMJ symptoms often before they even arise! Bringing or purchasing ear plugs for a flight can not only help you get a more sound sleep, but can also help to stabilize air pressure and stop your ears to “clog,” often reducing any ear or TMJ pain you might otherwise feel.

Keep yourself moving!

By keeping yourself as active as you can, you’ll avoid getting tense and tired muscles, and by making frequent car stops, or by moving around the airplane cabin often, you’ll give yourself to opportunity to stretch and relieve your neck, back, and shoulder muscles that can otherwise become very stiff during travel. Airplane and car seats don’t usually have the kind of support your body needs for long periods of rest, so TMJ symptoms can often worsen after hours and hours of unsupported down-time for your body. If you do find that your body is getting sore during travel time, consider taking some OTC pain relief to alleviate your discomfort.
If you find that you’re suffering from TMJ symptoms like jaw and shoulder pain, trouble sleeping, or constant migraines, talk to your TMJ specialist at Beausejour Dental Centre today to start living a more comfortable life tomorrow! Call 204-268-1782 to schedule an appointment with Beausejour Dental Centre before your next vacation and learn more about the best ways to manage your TMJ symptoms while you’re on-the-go!