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Could You Have Gum Disease?

Oral Hygiene Beausejour Manitoba

Bad breath, aching jaw, painful chewing, and swollen gums -- sound familiar? It might surprise you to learn that hundreds of people suffer from gum disease, or periodontal disease, and if these painful symptoms remind you of your daily life, you may be one of those hundred. 

Addressing and correcting your gum disease before it becomes detrimental to the overall health and wellness of your mouth is crucial. Our mouths are full of bacteria that cause plaque on teeth, and if left to develop, this plaque can quickly cause inflammation of the gums, called gingivitis. Gingivitis has mild symptoms, and can often be treated through regular brushing and flossing. 

If left untreated, the swelling and redness of gingivitis worsens, causing the gums to pull away from the teeth, and this is known as periodontitis. As the gums pull away from the teeth, the pockets created often fill with bacteria; the body’s natural response is to fight off this bacteria, and consequently creates a situation in which the body begins breaking down bone and tissues surrounding the area. The destruction in and around the tooth can become so detrimental that the tooth must be extracted. 

Although most people don’t show signs of gum disease until their 30s or 40s, some lifestyle risk factors can increase gum sensitivity and therefore increase the chances of early or accelerated gum disease. 
These factors include: 
                Hormonal changes in women
                Genetic Susceptibility

 It’s important to visit Beausejour Dental Centre regularly for oral exams and cleanings, but when should you consider an immediate appointment to address the possibility of gum disease? 
Common symptoms of gum disease include:
              Unwavering bad breath
              Red or swollen, tender or bleeding gums
              Painful chewing
              Loose or sensitive teeth
              Receding gums or teeth that appear longer

These symptoms could be signs of a serious problem and should be evaluated by Beausejour Dental Centre as soon as they are discovered. 
Don’t become another victim of periodontitis! For more information about periodontitis prevention and treatment, call 204.268.1782 to schedule an appointment with Beausejour Dental Centre today.

Spring- Start Your Summer Smile!

Teeth Whitening Beausejour Manitoba

The flowers are blooming and the birds are singing again! That means it’s time to start thinking about a happy and healthy body and mind for this rapidly- approaching summer season, and the best place to start with any self-improvement project is with your teeth! Your smile the the first thing to introduce you, and the last thing to leave an impression. Vacation season is almost upon us, so don’t let a dull smile make you self-conscious and ruin what could be a lifetime of happy memories to look back on in the years to come. Professional teeth whitening in our Beausejour Manitoba office is one of the best ways Beausejour Dental Centre can prep you for a summer-ready smile this spring!

Your smile will be front and center all summer long, so to ensure a season full of picture-perfect memories to look back on, talk to Beausejour Dental Centre about coming in for professional teeth whitening sessions this spring! Spending about 45 minutes in our Beausejour Manitoba office this spring will leave you with months of a bright and white smile that you can strut with confidence throughout the warm spring and summer months! Beausejour Dental Centre will take care to monitor your teeth and gums throughout your entire whitening experience to ensure the safety and quality of your treatment. Our in-office treatment uses concentrated whitening solutions that produce dramatic results you can be excited about, and after years of experience and hundreds of happy patients, Beausejour Dental Centre knows how to create a smile-whitening regime that will be personal and satisfying of all your aesthetic smile desires.  

Having a healthy and beautiful smile starts at home. Don’t forget to brush and floss your teeth every day, so that your mouth is healthy and primed well before your professional treatment session with Beausejour Dental Centre. When you’re ready to spring into a happier life and a healthier smile, call 204.268.1782 to schedule your oral consultation and whitening treatment plan in our Beausejour Manitoba office!

    For more information about professional whitening services or to address any further questions you may have about how Beausejour Dental Centre can help you have a healthier life and a happier smile, call 204.268.1782 today.


Complete Guide to Oral Health

Oral Health Beausejour Manitoba

Springtime means the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing, and life often starts to get-up-and-go for many people! If you’re wondering how to keep up on your oral health this spring, Beausejour Dental Centre suggests these tips and tricks for optimum oral health: 
Brushing: Clean the entire surface of every tooth! Ensure you’re brushing for at least two minutes, and be mindful of the intensity with with you brush - don’t press too hard! Replace your toothbrush about every three months, and be sure to use a brush with soft bristles so that you don’t damage your gums. 
Staining Substances: Be wary of food and drink that can be damaging to your teeth! Enamel-destroying bacteria feeds on sugar, so limit consumption and brush teeth thoroughly afterwards. Acidic foods also contribute to the deterioration of enamel, and after enough breakdown, a lack of enamel will leave your teeth exposed and sensitive. Drinks like soda, coffee, and tea all lead to stains on your teeth and smoking contributes to some of the worst stains of all! 
Visit Beausejour Dental Centre regularly: The best way to ensure your oral health is in optimum condition is to visit Beausejour Dental Centre regularly for checkups and dental cleanings. Plaque on your teeth naturally builds up over time, even if you take great care of your mouth - without regular visits to Beausejour Dental Centre, that plaque can contribute to cavities and cause larger dental issues that are much more time consuming and costly to address! 
If you have any questions about how to maintain great oral health this spring, or to schedule your next appointment with Beausejour Dental Centre, call 204.268.1782  today! 

Tooth Sensitivity Facts!

General Dentistry Beausejour Manitoba


    Tooth sensitivity is uncomfortable and unnecessary! Extreme sensitivity is a result of exposed nerve endings when the protective coating that insulates these nerves is eroded away. If you’ve been living with tooth sensitivity, consider these suggestions for reducing pain or decreasing the likeliness of nerve exposure:


Use a soft toothbrush

    Some people believe that brushing harder means keeping teeth cleaner, but you might actually be doing more harm than good! Sensitivity occurs due to erosion of the protective layers on your teeth, so by brushing too hard or with a hard-bristled toothbrush, you’re actually promoting that sensitivity! Brushing with a soft-bristled brush in small, circular motions, will allow you to remove plaque without damaging your teeth.


Brush with specially designed toothpaste

    There are toothpastes designed specifically to desensitize teeth and gums, and they really work! In contrast, whitening toothpastes often erode tooth enamel and lead to increased sensitivity as they wear down the natural structure of your teeth.


Keep your routine

    Slacking off on brushing and flossing is no way to keep your teeth and gums in top shape! Skipping a brushing session allows for harmful bacteria and acids to build up on your teeth, and can lead to early tooth decay that causes sensitivity.


Avoid acidic foods

    Sodas, energy drinks, and other acidic foods chemically erode tooth enamel and can cause sensitivity as nerve endings become exposed. Eating sugar-free gum shortly after acidic foods can help stimulate saliva to neutralize acid production in your mouth.


If you have questions about how to help your tooth sensitivity, or to schedule your next appointment with Beausejour Manitoba dentist at Beausejour Dental Centre call 204.268.1782 today!



The History of The Tooth Fairy

Dental Facts Beausejour Manitoba

You’ve heard of Christmas spirit, and maybe even the luck of the Irish, but have you heard about the history of the Tooth Fairy? 

Legend has it, the tooth fairy character developed after early European traditions of burying lost teeth in the hopes it would bring good luck that permanent teeth would grow. After the sixth tooth was lost, a coin was left for that person. Vikings sometimes brought their children’s teeth into battle as luck charms, and in America, the tooth fairy is often depicted as a delicate, winged creature - but the Tooth fairy’s character varies across cultures. Many European countries show the fairy as an animal, like a mouse or a bear, and in some countries, even as a dragon!

The legend of the Tooth fairy has been spreading since 1927 when a play, “The Tooth fairy,” came out. In 1947, the first book with that title was published, and today, children across the world recognize the Tooth fairy as frequently as they do the Easter bunny or Santa Clause. 

Many believe that the Tooth fairy caught on with so many families, because the idea helped ease children’s fears about losing teeth. Children might find a sense of comfort in knowing that losing their teeth is common, and even rewarded, as a “right of passage,” into becoming a big kid! In this respect, losing teeth becomes exciting rather than scary for children. 

Do you remember any Tooth fairy traditions from your childhood? Even if you don’t you can start new traditions with your little ones, and remind them that the Fairy loves clean teeth!

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