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Toothbrush Storage

March 05, 2018 | Posted in Dental Tips | Be the first one to comment

Toothbrush Storage

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You have a shoe bin, and a sock drawer, a shelf for all the cookbooks, and a basket for the laundry, but have you ever thought about how you store your toothbrush?


Believe it or not, toothbrushes can easily become home to millions of microorganisms that cause oral infections and disease! Avoid dental disaster by following these easy solutions to keeping a clean toothbrush for all members of your family:


Air It Out

Damp, dark places are breeding ground havens for bacteria, so consider the counter or medicine cabinet as a better place to let toothbrushes dry before next use.


    Put Some Thought into Placement

Toothbrushes left on the counter should be well away from the toilet. Every time the toilet flushes, germs inevitably fly through the air, and a toothbrush in the “splash zone” is a dangerous place to be. Similarly, a toothbrush too close to the sink risks catching splashes from dirty soap and water anytime someone uses the sink.


    Change is a Good Thing!

You should change toothbrushes approximately every three months, but should be keen to signs of wearing even before the three month mark. Frayed or pushed down bristles are a sign it’s time to splurge for a new toothbrush!


For more information about proper toothbrush care and storage, or to schedule your next appointment with Beausejour Dental Centre call 204.268.1782 today!


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