Bonded Fillings

Bonded Fillings In Beausejour

Tooth-Colored (or “Natural”) Composite Restorations

Cavities often reduces the amount of teeth protecting enamel, resulting in weakened teeth and / or causing pain. Broken or chipped teeth also act as breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, which can affect your overall and oral health. To prevent your teeth from excessive damage, bonded fillings are used to fill-in cavities safely and effectively.

Bonded fillings are composite restorations used to effectively stop decay within dental cavities. They are also used to aid in restoring teeth that require root canals or for treating certain injuries to teeth. The treatment begins by examining and cleaning the accumulated plaque and tartar from the affected areas, as the surface needs to be clean in order to allow fillings to properly bond with the enamel. After the application of the composite, it is cured and hardened so as to keep the filling intact and provide lasting results. The materials used are malleable enough to provide an accurate shape and structure that resembles patient’s surrounding, natural, teeth.

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