Dental Bridges In Beausejour

Restorative treatments commonly make use of bridges for bridging the gaps between teeth caused by missing teeth. Performing daily tasks such as consuming your favourite foods, smiling and even talking can become difficult as a result of missing teeth. Our team of Dentists at Beausejour Dental Care, in Beausejour, Manitoba can restore your smile in just as little as two visits.

Before creating the bridge, the strength of neighbouring teeth is ensured. If the gap’s surrounding teeth are sound then the bridge is placed over them. If there is insufficient support, the teeth can lose their strength and alignment. Dental bridges are semi-permanent, lab-fabricated teeth that will be custom coloured to match the colour of your surrounding teeth. Once done, bridges provide a higher level of comfort as they allow you to chew and bite without causing any pain to your gums and teeth. You can get improved results by regularly paying visits to our dental care facility and following our dentists’  simple instructions.

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