Dental Crowns In Beausejour

Crowns, or “dental caps”, are used to cover areas where teeth chip, break off, are crooked or are partially injured. Injuries inflicted on teeth usually lead to germ and bacteria build-up, further leading to a deterioration of oral health. If the infection reaches the root of the teeth, it may result in severe oral health problems. Crowns provide effective treatments that can save your teeth from deteriorating. It is also used to complete other procedures such as for dental implants, root canal therapies or for holding a dental bridge in place.

Before placing the dental crown, the defective tooth is trimmed a bit to make space. We firstly take an imprint of your teeth to design a crown that fits perfectly over the damaged area. A crown can be made of porcelain, ceramic, gold or alloy- featuring different styles.

To know if a crown is the suitable treatment for you, contact us, book and appointment, or visit our dental centre in Beausejour, Manitoba.