Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween

How Sugar Affects Your Teeth

Especially around Halloween time, people often forget all they know about dental hygiene in the face of sugary sweets. By stocking up on a few healthy snack alternatives, and remembering key tricks to keeping your mouth in top condition, you can face all of October’s demons with a full set of pearly whites!

It’s important to know that the longer sugars sit in your mouth, the more damage they can cause through the acids they release — destroying your enamel and ultimately leaving you defenseless to cavities! The sugars that are given the time and space to destroy your teeth are fueled by tiny demons like gummy candies, sodas and flavored waters, and candies that expose your teeth to sugar threats for long durations of time, like lollipops and jawbreakers.

By limiting meal and snack time to just a few times a day, or by snacking on sweets as a part of meal time rather than indulging in treats hours later, you can ensure that the acid attacks harmful sugars cause in your mouth are minimal and short lived. This can help leave your mouth more equipped to fight off harmful bacteria inevitably waiting to attack from within the next candy bar. Snacking on healthier choices altogether, like yogurt, veggies, or even peanut butter, can curb your cravings and still keep your mouth’s defenses armed and ready, rather than breaking down all enamel build up with every bite. As always, remember that water is essential for your body’s overall health and wellness, and that goes for the function of your mouth as well!

Remember that brushing your teeth at least twice a day and cleaning between your teeth with dental floss regularly are two of the most crucial care routines you can follow in order to regulate and improve your oral health. Replace your toothbrush as soon as the bristles become frayed or broken, usually about once every three months, and brush for at least three minutes every time.