Halloween and TMJ

Halloween and TMJ

TMJ Beauséjour, Manitoba


As the holiday season slowly rolls into town this year, consider for a second how the changes in routine with all the excitement the holidays bring, also create changes in the problems or setbacks that could arise around living with your TMJ. Fortunately, Beausejour Dental Centre has a few things for you to consider to be proactive about living comfortably with your TMJ.



Treats…and tricks for your TMJ

Think about all the goodies that make their way into your house around Halloween time. Something sticky and sweet? Or extra crunchy? Whatever it is you’re chewing, consider the effect all that work is having on your jaw joints. Especially if you’ve had extremely negative symptoms associated with your TMJ, be wary of treats that require a lot of work on your jaw.


Stress levels and TMJ

All the hustle and bustle of the holiday might cause your stress levels to go through the roof! Are you worried about your costume? Concerned your Halloween punch recipe won’t be just right? Maybe you’re staying out late and not getting enough peaceful sleep for a few nights in a row. If you’re stressed out, you’re more likely to grind your teeth at night – this can cause serious and painful symptoms associated with your TMJ! Changes in your eating and sleeping schedule might mean you’re clenching your jaw throughout the day, even when you’re not sleeping! Another dangerous contribution to the issues surrounding your TMJ.


If you have questions about specific symptoms related to your TMJ, or if you’re in search of relief solutions for your symptoms, you’re in luck! Beausejour Dental Centre is a specially trained professional, with in-depth knowledge about TMJ, its symptoms, and some relief tactics.


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