Holiday Teeth Whitening

Holiday Teeth Whitening

Dreaming of a white holiday? Why not start this November with professional teeth whitening at Beausejour Dental Centre?

You might wonder the benefits of having your teeth professionally whitened, as opposed to purchasing an at-home whitening kit over the counter. Though there is a difference in cost, it’s important to look at teeth whitening overall to decide which method will be the best solution to giving you the smile of your dreams.

Leaving it to the Professionals

When you come to Beausejour Dental Centre and have your teeth professionally whitened, you can benefit from powerful strength whitening products not available over the counter or through at-home kits. Because you will be under the supervision and care of our team you can expect to achieve much better results from your whitening treatment than you could hope to attain at home.

It’s also important to think about the effects of whitening your gums might suffer with at-home kits. Beausejour Dental Centre can ensure the whitening products are being applied correctly so that you achieve maximum results without damaging your gums.

Considering the Cost

While it’s no surprise that having your teeth professionally whitened does indeed cost more than an over-the-counter whitening solution, it’s also important to consider the results you achieve from the money you spend. Cheap options don’t always mean good service, and if you opt for an at-home whitening plan and don’t achieve your desired results, you might feel disappointed for having wasted however much money you did spend on that kit. Whitening services at Beausejour Dental Centre allow you to personalize and control your results, and will give you the smile you’re looking to achieve.

When you opt for in-office whitening treatments as opposed to at-home kits, you allow Beausejour Dental Centre the opportunity to check in about your overall dental health; this means that beyond giving you the white smile you’ve been dreaming of, Beausejour Dental Centre can help ensure your teeth and gums are healthy, so that your smile will stay beautiful well after you leave our office.

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