No Tricks Here, Healthy Snacks = Healthy Teeth!

Healthy Snacks = Healthy Teeth

Super fruit for super smiles! Especially during the month of tricks and treats, it can be difficult to choose healthy snacking options, that will leave your mouth healthy and your appetite fulfilled well after snack time. Beausejour Dental Centre’s recommendation? Fruit of course!

Apples are high in fiber, and their crispy, crunchy bite helps naturally clean plaque from teeth while they’re being chewed! In a similar fashion, apples help scrape plaque from the back of the tongue, so you will have the freshest breath on the block. Apples are naturally sweet, so consider introducing them as an alternative to more sugar-filled or processed and packaged dessert options.

The high-intensity calcium found in kiwis is key for neutralizing damaging acids that destroy tooth enamel. Enamel is the first line of defense against cavities, so strengthening and protecting it should be of top-priority for you!

Like kiwis, strawberries are packed full of fiber and vitamin C, which makes them a great source of nutrients for teeth and gums.

Avoid dry fruits, as they contain much more sugar than raw fruits, and they are sticky and sugary on teeth. Additionally, citrus fruits are high in acid, and start to quickly demineralize important layers of teeth. This can lead to tooth sensitivity, and even pain! Be conscious of the acid levels of the foods you’re eating.

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