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Orthodontics & Orthopedics In Beausejour

Orthodontic treatments are used to correct the position, appearance and the function of misaligned teeth. If teeth are improperly aligned they won’t function properly, potentially leading to more serious health problems. Orthodontic treatment involves the use of braces, which can vary depending upon the exact needs of each patient. This treatment is also helpful in correcting the abnormal growth of jaws and teeth.

Orthopedic treatments are recommended by our dentists at Beausejour Dental Centre in order to treat children’s abnormal jaw development, as children undergo more rapid structural changes than adults and teenagers do. Orthopedic procedures involve foresight in order to guide the evolving oral structures into achieving optimal alignments. Adults and teenagers are the most common candidates for orthodontic treatments, but early detection of malocclusion, by way of orthopedics, may be helpful in reducing the amount of time necessary in effectively correcting the alignments. Orthodontic treatments are effective in improving overcrowding of teeth and jaw interactions.

We provide a vast range of options for your treatment including metal braces, invisible braces, removable braces or lingual braces.

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