TMJ (TMD) Therapy

TMJ (TMD) Therapy

TMJ disorder in the jaw muscle can be caused by a severe injury to the jaw’s surrounding facial muscles. Any injury to temporomandibular joint may lead to trouble while opening your mouth and can cause pain while biting and chewing.  Other symptoms of TMJ may include:

  • Pain while opening your mouth.
  • Cracking sound near ears.
  • Headaches.
  • Loss of balance between teeth.
  • Malocclusion.

The exact reason for each individual case of TMJ disorder is unknown and thus, a proper diagnosis is recommended to treat your problem accordingly. Beausejour Dental Care, in Beausejour, Manitoba, will perform a comprehensive examination to know whether you are suffering from TMJ disorder or not.

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Meaningful treatment begins with a proper diagnosis. We will do a thorough evaluation of your problem to determine the best way that we can help and the appropriate therapy.