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Dentist Recommended Dental Tools for Your Home

Dentist Recommended Dental Tools for Your Home Here’s what your dentist at Beausejour Dental Centre recommend you use at home and why! Mouthwash and Toothpaste Antimicrobial mouthwashes are best at combating bad breath, and to fight plaque and gingivitis, keep an eye out for the active ingredients cetylpyridinium chloride and chlorhexidine. For sensitive teeth toothpaste…

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March into Spring with a Smile!

March into Spring with a Smile! Spring has sprung and it’s time to do some spring cleaning! And just like your home, your smile could use a refresh this season! The cosmetic dentists at Beausejour Dental Centre want to help make sure your smile stays just as bright while also helping you achieve your dental…

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Dental Phobias Resolved

Dental Phobias Resolved Fear of the dentist is not uncommon, but Beausejour Dental Centre wants to make sure you’re well prepared and care free coming in to your next appointment. Dental phobia and avoidance of the dentist can lead to serious oral health problems like gum disease, that can ultimately result in tooth loss, or…

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Satisfy Your Valentine’s Day Sweet Tooth, But Remember Your Oral Health

Satisfy Your Valentine’s Day Sweet Tooth, But Remember Your Oral Health On Valentine’s Day, showing our love and appreciation for someone often is communicated with a heart-shaped box of scrumptious chocolate candy treats. Approximately 58 million pounds of chocolate are consumed around Valentine’s Day and about 8 billion candy hearts are sold between Feb. 1…

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Super fruit for super smiles!

It can be difficult to choose healthy snacking options, that will leave your mouth healthy and your appetite fulfilled well after snack time. Beausejour Dental Centre’s recommendation? Fruit of course! Apples are high in fiber, and their crispy, crunchy bite helps naturally clean plaque from teeth while they’re being chewed! In a similar fashion, apples…

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New Year’s Pledge to Our Patients

New Year’s Pledge to Our Patients Dear Valued Patients, Our Beausejour Dental Centre dentists lives by the highest code ethics and professional conduct and want to take their promise to society one step further by reevaluating their pledge to clients, and highlighting the key pillars they strives to exemplify in this new year.   We…

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New Year, New Dental Goals

New Year, New Dental Goals The new year marks a new start, and is a great time to set resolutions! You would be surprised at all the benefits improving your oral health routine can have on your daily life and overall wellness. Here are some of Beausejour Dental Centre’s top oral health tips that can…

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Tips for a Cavity Free 2019!

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to make a few changes in your child’s oral health routine to get them healthier teeth and gums in 2019. Beausejour Dental Centre has a few tips to make the next year full of smiles: Drink More Water Choosing water over juices or sports drinks…

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Vacation and Oral Health

Vacation and Oral Health Just because your family is taking a vacation this season, doesn’t mean your oral health and wellness should! Before you check out of everyday routine and check into your winter wonderland consider these easy steps towards maintaining top oral wellness for your teeth and gums this season! Monitor Your Munchies Everyone…

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All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth

All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth Maybe you’ve heard the song, “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth,” but do you have any idea where the little jingle originated? In a 1944 second grade classroom, Smithtown, New York music teacher David Gardner listened to the Christmas wish lists…

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