Work Performance and Oral Health

Good oral health means more than just enjoying dinner time without fighting through the pain and suffering of cavities; good oral health means living a healthy daily life, being able to perform regular tasks efficiently, and excelling throughout regular activities, like work and play!

Poor oral health can quickly and painfully interrupt your everyday life, and that everyday life is often a full day of work! People who suffer from cavities or gum pain due to poor oral health can consequently suffer from anxiety, fatigue, and irritability- disrupting not only their home life and their sleeping schedules, but also their work performance. If you are in pain, you may be less likely to be focused on the task at hand, potentially resulting in poor work performance.

It’s important to remember that visiting Beausejour Dental Centre regularly for oral exams is an important part of keeping your teeth cavity free! Consider the amount of work that could pile up if your oral health isn’t regulated and you need to have dental extractions or oral surgery.

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